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Re: A Sense of Priorities

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All this discussion on aikiweb about waza and ki and love and shihonage, and who had it and vectors and Kodo this and Ueshiba that and Sagawa all the time, broadcasting on AM twenty-four hours a day. And my eyes spin around in my head. So I go out and train. Grinding out the reps. Standing like a tree.
And I ask myself, there's many a time I'd rather be in a dim bar somewhere, cigarette smoke wreathing the lights, me out on the dance floor with my silver haired woman with her hair a little mussed up, beer on her breath and a run up one fish net stocking, with Omar and the Howlers singing "Big Round World," with another George Dickel sitting on the table waiting for me to swing by.
Shut up and train? Not tonight.
God I wish I could talk my strawberry blond babe into moving to Seattle. My life would be so much sweeter in so many ways.

Ki?? Love waza? eyes spinning?
I can post fast while working, train with my son, train twenty hours a week and still manage to have fun with my wife and install new countertops...I have glue on my fingers right now!

Actually I Love aikiweb. When it comes to Budo I think it is thee premier site on the web. I hope the interplay and difficult topics-which we sometimes engage in doesn't take away from some of the very learned and informative contributions, and also the good humor that so many seem to posess.

Beer on her in her stockings...hey ..I gotta go...
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