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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

From an interview with Kondo
And a repson I made at Aikido Journal where severl students tried to defend / explain whatever, once again, this behaviour
Art of Deception

Tokimune Takeda included in his lessons Aiki-Kempo, the Kendo kata, Ono-Hatto-Ryu and other techniques that had no relationship to Daito-Ryu-Jujutsu in order to avoid teaching Daito-Ryu techniques. With something that is as basic as the Ikkajo series, he would modify the techniques so most students would never understand them. When he taught Ono-Hatto-Ryu--which involves cutting from a middle position to a high position and cutting through the person's entire body by putting all the power into the tip of the sword--he would explain it differently from Daito-Ryu techniques. I had a question about this difference, and until that point, no one had asked him, I said, "Sensei, the things you are saying about the sword and Daito-Ryu techniques are different."

He was waiting for someone to question him. Tokimune would teach each person based on the level of the questions he asked. I learned at a higher level because of the questions I always asked. As a result of questioning him, he awarded me a kyoju dairi teaching certification in 1974, when I was 29.

The Daitokan Dojo in Hokkaido would hold a yearly training event for all Daito-Ryu Dojo in Japan. I would teach one group, and Tokimune would teach the other. The night before, I would ask him if I could teach the correct way of doing the techniques instead of not letting them know the right way. Tokimune would say, "No, teach it so they will not know or understand the right way of the techniques."

-- Katsuyuki Kondo
Interesting isn't it?
There are some great men and teachers in this art. And there are some teachers with serous issues –who I am delighted to say, are getting increasingly well known.

I can not properly do justice and express some of the outrage, and at other times hilarious humor, some teachers –both koryu and gendai- have expressed at reading some of these more recently revealed comments of Kondo’s and Tokimune’s-and other teachers in Daito ryu. Most had never heard such outrageous arrogance and utter lack of concern for students -who trusted them- stated in such an off-handed manner. Add to this the backdrop- that after screwing them for decades- to now somehow blame it - ON THEM-and then "publicly"...publicly no less...let the budo world know they were played for fools.
I’ll let these students here try to keep defending and explaining away these statements to all of us- who supposedly don’t understand Koryu, Daito ryu or teaching models and need it explained to us. The fact that these...students feel a need to "explain it" to some of the teachers I know who are disgusted by it, has led to some hilarious phone calls and letters. If I had to make a choice, I am happy to be associated with those in Budo who look down their noses at this stuff. It smells.

You might want to review that these statements help explain what happened to the poor guys who trained with Tokimune for decades. Why the Seishinkai looked and felt the way they did and why Kondo felt so different. Then review how these guys defended (for years and years now) why Kondo WAS indeed trained different, and thus deserved his post, then came on to flip flop and defend how both Kondo and the seishinkai were all given the same training. Then flip flop again to say..."Well it actually was different, but really all the same because Kondo asked- he was taught the same, different stuff, the same...just all differently!!
Then, flip flop again to try to explain Kondo and Tokimune’s blatant and obvious statements away, as something none of us are capable of understanding.
I don’t really care, other than to have anyone interested in joining please take care and review all the public statements. Then do what you want.

Two things are a great step forward.
a) That teachers, in the art have made their opinions and actions publicly known in books, interviews and in person
b) That students who would defend it have identified themselves and made themselves and their opinions well known to potential students who might form a relationship with them and their teachers. Ask yourself if you really need to have those statements “explained” to you too?
No other work need be done, nothing more need be said.

I continue to encourage people to dig around. You need to find out and do your own work and research about these people and this art. Start with some of the most well known and highest ranked people they can think of in Budo-outside of Daito ryu. You don’t have to go very far. You might get some opinions about where to go and where not to go.
Then, if you’re still interested I strongly encourage you to go feel them, and more importantly their students of five…ten…and fifteen years. Then ask around about some alternate training. It's the best way to figure out who you're going to be trusting with "your" time.

If they begin with.. "See this isn't really how it sounds It's different now and what he meant to really think to say that you misunderstood because you’re not capable of understanding is….." Keep walking.

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