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Re: Improving Flexibility

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Having just returned to aikido after a few years away, I was reminded in my first trip back to the mat yesterday of my rather limited flexibility. This has always been the case for me--even as a kid, I could never touch my toes; I still can't now. Sitting with my legs spread, I can probably get to something rather less than a ninety-degree angle (and certainly can't touch my toes that way either).

I'd love to improve on this. My current exercise, outside of aikido, consists of riding my bicycle to/from school each day, weather and light permitting. It's about a 12 mile round trip. I'll be transitioning to swimming soon, in anticipation of my eventual relocation to Manhattan, where I wouldn't dream of setting wheels to pavement.

Any advice folks might offer would be appreciated!
(PS: Apologies if this is off-topic for the General forum, since it's tangential to aikido; feel free to move if it would be happier elsewhere.)
So you said that you ride your bike every day, but you didn't mention stretching. So my advice is slow deliberate stretch's before and after every bike-ride.


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