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Re: Need some help choosing some more books?

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Hello Professor,
Thank you for your reply. I am not clear on what was not correct in my post.
What caught my attention was the rather sharp contrast you seemed to draw between open lectures to the public and private conversations between O Sensei and Mr Takahashi. I think it was somewhere in between and, in any case, this did not make any difference to the content of the discourses. Because of his friendship with Masahisa Goi, O Sensei had a relationship with Byakko Shinkokai, of which Takahashi was also a member. So there was no problem about the discourses being made available to a wider public. In a similar way, O Sensei published articles for the Budo magazine of the Dai Nippon Budo Senyokai because of his close association with Onisaburo Deguchi--and he slanted the contents to match the inclinations of the audience.

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