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Re: Holland, Michigan (or Zeeland)

Hi Ryan,

If you are willing to schlep to Grand Rapids, I'd recommend Kyoseikan dojo. I've done seminars there and they're nice people.

For closer to Kzoo, I'd suggest trying the local YMCA and whatever colleges are near you.

The forums here say that in 2003 the local Y offered aikido. dunno if this is still the case:

Community colleges, and larger 4-year universities often have aikido classes as part of their curriculum.

Try Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamzoo College...

A quick google search brings up the following dojos. A lot of these seem to be multiple arts dojos, so aikido, bjj, tai chi, etc. Also, I have no clue what school of aikido they teach, if that matters to you one way or another.

Good luck! Where are you moving from, if I may ask? Within Michigan? From another state?

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