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Re: Improving Flexibility

Doing some kind of stretching regimen on a regular basis is one of the better ways to improve flexibility, whether that is yoga, "warm-up" stretches, or something else.

I'm not as flexible as I'd like to be and there are places where I'm very tight. When I started, I could not touch my toes either standing or sitting. That was 10 months ago. Now I can, so my new goal is to be able to touch my toes while bending at the waist.

I've found that even 5-10 minutes of stretching at lunchtime, on the day of my aikido class, makes a big difference on how much I can stretch during class. I also try to stretch on off days when possible.

I was at a long seminar this past weekend, and noticed that I was much more flexible at the end of the day than I was at the start of the day. I think this was partly because I stretched several times during the seminar, and partly because my muscles were warmed up and limber from doing aikido all day.
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