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Noah Stacy
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Improving Flexibility

Having just returned to aikido after a few years away, I was reminded in my first trip back to the mat yesterday of my rather limited flexibility. This has always been the case for me--even as a kid, I could never touch my toes; I still can't now. Sitting with my legs spread, I can probably get to something rather less than a ninety-degree angle (and certainly can't touch my toes that way either).

I'd love to improve on this. My current exercise, outside of aikido, consists of riding my bicycle to/from school each day, weather and light permitting. It's about a 12 mile round trip. I'll be transitioning to swimming soon, in anticipation of my eventual relocation to Manhattan, where I wouldn't dream of setting wheels to pavement.

Any advice folks might offer would be appreciated!
(PS: Apologies if this is off-topic for the General forum, since it's tangential to aikido; feel free to move if it would be happier elsewhere.)
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