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Re: Need some help choosing some more books?

Kourosh Ward wrote: View Post
Thank you Clark. I see your username is different now.
I'm going to be ordering it this week.
Also another one I have found is training with the Master.

But do any of these books or any Aikido books have an instruction on meditation or breathing that O sensei did himself?
By saying this, I know Im not going to be superman by doing the same exercises, but interested to see what they were and how he did them.

Different username? Not to my knowledge...

As for any writings on O'Sensei's meditation and breathing, there is not much in the books I have (although I am somewhat limited, in that I only accumulate English-language material). O'Sensei was often very cryptic in his discussion of "inner" principles. So much so, that many of his most noted students often do not agree on exactly what he was talking about...

As far as Aikido notables, Koichi Tohei Sensei has far and away been the most prolific in writing about meditation and breathing.

One possibility you might also explore: Shodo (calligraphy) is deeply rooted in principles of breathing and meditation. If I were wanting to concentrate on improvement in these areas, I might look into further study of it. Could be interesting...
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