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Re: Broken Clavicle - Advice sort

broke my left collarbone in late Jan this year - taking ukemi for juji nage for sensei, my trailing foot caught the bottm of his hakama and I plowed shoulder first into the floor

started teaching again in April and training again first week July - initially just going a bit slow and careful on my left side especially with locks but otherwise OK.

i developed a frozen shoulder while the fracture was healing but an 'aggressive' approach to treatment from my osteopath had pretty amazing results in a short time and I now have 'almost' the full range of movement i had before the injury with improvements continuing

took ukemi for a friend grading for sandan last week (9 months and 2 days from the injury) so guess that means the healing process is pretty much over - only time I get any pain is when someone really stretches my shoulder out doing shihonage.

with regards to overcoming fear of forward rolls - theres some good advice on some of the posts here and also lots of other threads on the subject - so just do a search.

best advice I cna give is just to take your time, start low and when you're comfortable from rolls from a kneeling position start doing them from a slightly higher stance - if you stick with practice you'll get it - some get it right away, some take a while - we're all different

hope you recover soon - just dont rush it
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