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Re: Dance of the gods, but to what music?

Philip Purcell wrote: View Post
I have heard aikido described as the dance of the gods. So, what is your internal jukebox playing to set your tempo?

Me, really depends on my mood. I have had my moments of 'Going the distance' from Rocky OST (esp. my last grading when I had nothing left to give). I am trying to get out of the Battle Without Honour from Kill Bill and move more into the Lonely Shepherd All beat 'You could be mine' that was always playing when I arrived at the dojo when i first started on my mini-disc player (remember those?)

Admit them good or bad, I will not judge you!
Hokey-kokey, you can't be stressed while singing the hokey-kokey under your breath, really messes with uke's mind too.
Ready, steady, go (korean mix) by Paul Oakenfold for those times when I need to be focused.
Back to school - Deftones for when I'm training during my depressive periods.
Let the bodies hit the floor - drowning pool, don't think I need to explain that one.
Crocket's theme - Jan Hammer. Been out the night before and I need something ambiant.
Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan. Weapons work? Good for psyching up to a grading.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Tchaikovsky. Instructor is on drugs and is liable to hug the nearest tree/jumpy ukes.
I get around and Good Vibrations - beach boys. Energy drink(s) + no sleep + sunshine = hyper. May lead to flying uke's, worn out mats and:
Perfect Exceeder - Mason vs Princess superstar.
Shut Me Up - mindless self indulgence
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