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Re: thoughts while on line at dunkin donuts for coffee

I usually identify the soft and hard cover, movement routes, strategic and tactical priority of each individual including a rough estimate of combat capability, and how gray I am appearing at any given time. It is all quite burdensome, actually. Unfortunately the djinni doesn't want to go back into the bottle.
By the way I completely disagree with Joe. You are almost guaranteed to be daydreaming when something starts. Why? Because humans are daydreaming 99% of the time. Its nothing to be concerned about, just machinery that runs independently of your intentions. Even the voice in Joe's head which just told him that I am wrong about this point is a daydream. Daydreaming, listening to the voice in our heads, etc. is just a natural process and I have never met anyone who could turn it off for more than a few seconds at a time. Even the best meditators I know have simply come to understand and love it as the biological process it is.

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