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Freaky! ???

Originally posted by ca
Well, Sara, I'd say when O Sensei said Aikido is Love, he didn't have the Kama Sutra in mind...
Why is it now days ( I know im young) but when people talk love they talk sex. Ca I know that qoute is out of context but whatever happend to romance? I mean they have a whole class on sex at school then preach about the basic stages of relationships ( i found it amsuing becasue i never knew love could be in nice orginized flyier ) But what do I have to say Ive never been in a relationship so Im just the blind man trying to yap some crap nonwithstanding.

For the recored yes I have liked a girl at our dojo. She's nice and stuff, but 2 reasons I stoped. 1. SHe has a boyfriend. 2. the only time i see her is at the dojo. Sooooo, I knew I shouldn't chase. luckly she still traines today!

1 more thing Didnt we have a really big controversy on this subject a year ago :eek?? welll cya

Dallas Adolphsen
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