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Originally posted by ca
And Sara, I don't know about Erik, but no, no, no. No 14/15/16 year old is mature and responsible enough to decide if they should be dating a 25 year old. And no 25 year old should be dating a high school student. Period. A 25 year old is not interested in the mind or personality of a 14 year old, I promise you. All references to dating in my posts (at least) refer to ADULTS (and I stretch that my including 18-21 year olds, who often are just beginning to mature).
Sara, I agree with Colleen on this one.

Colleen, the behavior changed, and it has changed, because the mindset changed. The laws came into being because people were not acting as adults and the rest of the people would no longer tolerate it. One thing led to another and that's what it took. It hasn't fixed everyone but it's helped. Behavior doesn't change when you stick your head in the sand and if anything it will probably get worse.

From 1980 to 2000, alcohol-related fatalities have decreased by one third. The percent of fatal crashes that were alcohol-related declined for most ethnic groups between 1990 and 1994. From the recent study, all ethnic groups are experiencing the benefits of this reduction indicating that the laws and programs put in place are helping all ethnic groups.,1056,1608,00.html,1056,1789,00.html
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