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Re: Henka-waza and Keishi-Waza

Joe McParland wrote: View Post
I'm hoping you do understand the point of the post though: A technique is an attack.
Interesting point, Joe, and one on which I *mostly* agree.

The minute nage gives uke anything uke can resist, the technique has in essence become an attack which uke can apply a technique to.

Ideally in practice nage can do a technique giving nothing that can be resisted. I suppose if I had to specify having a long term goal in my own training, that would be it.

A lot of folks, myself included, work on body positioning, speed, angle, weighting, a whole lot of things to try to minimize openings, but because of using excess muscle tension in our bodies we still transmit somatic information to uke that she can feel it as an attack and use that energy to counter it. I'm *not* talking about resistance and battles of wills that deteriorate into grappling, but about softly feeling the other's energy and intent and making use of it.

My opinion, and YMMV, is that the only reason this does *not* happen in most dojos in most situations is a polite convention to make the training in the demonstrated technique go more smoothly. Which also has value; its how we get the "muscle memory" to integrate the movements of the techniques.

But we shouldn't let that lull us into thinking that our techniques aren't full of openings, and that a technique that is imposed isn't itself an attack.

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