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Re: Henka-waza and Keishi-Waza

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Aikido is a martial discipline, it does not eat, drink, go on holidays or "work". It is not fortunate or "unfortunate".
It is you who do all the working with fortunate or unfortunate results to you.
Ummm, that was a bit literal and misinterpreted---but still amusing

I'm hoping you do understand the point of the post though: A technique is an attack.

[Hope that doesn't bother the "There is no attack in Aikido" folks ]

If there is a technique that cannot be reversed using Aikido technique (or principles), then there is an attack for which there is no Aikido-based defense.

If Stefan perfects a technique so that it cannot be reversed, we have to go back to the drawing board

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