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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Personally I think the positions can be expressed with a greater sense of respect for each others positions. And more than that, what about the people in the middle considering where to train and are listening to the debate? Many times we are talking to people with decades of experience in the martial arts. And some of those hold considerable skills. The subject is definitive, more so than some realize, less so than others state.
In either case the final arbiter is not those debating their positions-it is those out training.
I disagree with Toby on some aspects of this issue. But I like the guy and respect his position, his art and what he is trying to do. I just don't agree with him on all points.
That said we should all be comfortable debating here, and then knowing we can meet some day and have a beer. Come on guys, most here are people of substance, many are parents, husbands, wives, teachers. business men etc. I know I get angry at some of my own posts and others. But in the end the topic doesn't warrent ill-will.

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