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Need some help choosing some more books?

Hey guys,

So Im looking to buy a few more books tomorrow and wondering if you guys could help me out.

I want to buy a Morihei Ueshiba book or 2 and some other books. But finding it hard which ones.
Im not looking for any techniqual books, but more his philosophy, or any how to of his meditations or breathings.

here are some questions, if you guys could help.

1. What are the differences between his "Budo", "The Essence of Aikido" and "The Secret Teachings of Aikido". And where could I find some of O sensei's meditations, breathings and philosophy.

2. Also, I'm looking for any other Aikido books on those subjects, and also any basic kata (maybe not kata, but movements) books.

3. And if any one can recommend zen meditation, breathing books, it would be great.

Thanks guys
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