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Uke spinning out of shihonage

Good morning,

Just wanted to regurgitate something that's probably discussed quite often. I came across this link from a few years ago :

Now that I am back again after 6 months of inactivity, we did some shihonage last night. The omote was not bad, but ura needed work.

Then this morning one of my helpful uke friends agreed to help me find my correct 'form'. So what does she do ? She spins out on me and stands right behind me (great place for her, lousy for me), smiling like crazy, and I'm just standing there feeling 'dumb'

That got me thinking. So later this morning, my caretaker (janitor) friend at work comes in, and is curious about my class last night, to the point where we try to 'reproduce' the failed ura version of shihonage *after* I had read the 2002 posting above.

What a difference. He was fascinated, and I'm happy now

Maiko Langelaar
Winnipeg Aikikai
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