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Re: Henka-waza and Keishi-Waza

Christopher Charles wrote: View Post
Are there any books you would recommend that has detailed information on those same topics which explains how to perform the various techniques?
Sorry, I don't know of any such books. Maybe somebody else on this forum has come across one?
In my Attacks in Aikido, there's really no more about kaeshiwaza and henkawaza than you find on my website.
I might get around to making a few videos...

Well, I show some simple henkawaza in this clip:

I regard kaeshiwaza as a way to refine the aikido techniques, so that they become less and less possible to counter. That means kaeshiwaza should by time be impossible to do - but that takes a lot of time.

And henkawaza is almost the same: shifting from one technique to another is a way to solve hard resistance against the initial technique.

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