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Re: Dance of the gods, but to what music?

Philip Purcell wrote: View Post
I have heard aikido described as the dance of the gods. So, what is your internal jukebox playing to set your tempo?
Amusing question.
Aikido sure is like dancing, although seldom that of the gods...

To what music?
It can't be anything in regular four-beat, that's far too square. Maybe three-beat, like the waltz. Or five-beat, to make room for variation and improvisation. Seven-beat for the advanced...
Maybe Blue Rondo a la Turk for the truly gifted:

And there has to be lots of syncopations, the sen-sen-no-sen rhythm of aikido - acting before the attack is even initiated.

I could probably have fun with some Frank Zappa playing in my head, or Pink Floyd when working in a slow tempo. Haydn would certainly get my body moving, too.
Or the madly escalating orchestral tones in the Beatles' A Day in the Life:

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