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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

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Your conclusions seem to based on your limited knowledge and experience base. You have found a path that works for you based upon your limited knowledge and experience base. I am simply suggesting that there may be other paths that are deeper than the ones that you thought were the same and did not provide you with the answers that you were looking for.

I think that you have found a path that provides you and those who study with you, a lot of valuable training. I personally would love to find the time to make it up to your barn because you do have things of value to offer. I simply do not jump to generalized conclusions as quickly as you do. We both look to test out what we are doing and learning. This path leads me to open my eyes as to how much is really out there and how there are MANY different paths to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Marc Abrams
Where or what are my conclusions?
How do "conclusions" enter into questions about Kata training only to learn internal power such as those I asked above?
In the end is it
Just -a- way?
The only way?
The best way?
Or the slowest way after all.
Or even a more less efficient way -as there is more than likely a deeper body of skills than found in one art.
Those seem to me, to be open to all "conclusions."

How are your recommendations to go and experience any different than mine-repeated like a tape loop.
Go feel, go test. Go find out.

As to experiences, those do tend to produce opinions through touch and feel and observation. However, the call to everyone's *truths* being of equal and even recognition rings as hollow as singular truths.
Why? Both smack of protectionism or pre-set prejudice. There is no better way to train? No specific and faster path to internal power and aiki? Really? How are --you- sure?

There are those who dearly love whatever it is they may doing and the longer they vested in doing it, the more they want validation of it. I'm not interested in that mentality- as it is self-fulfilling. The good ones don't care about win lose or draw and are not willing to let something they are vested in overrule a better body of work. They are seeking for the best method that produces results- replicable results.
I'm not speaking to everybody. I was never interested in doing that in the first place. Of the thousands who are reading there are hundreds who got out to do that very thing over the last few years with different people willing to teach in an open fashion their "truth" of shorter path to power that for some very weird, and highly improbable coincidence seems to work in …oh…dozens of Asian arts. Is that just a coincidence? No, I don't think so,
Again they are finding those results are universal in use in the arts. And individuals and arts are of a secondary concern. That said my experiences continue to lead me to favor the Chinese side of things over the Japanese in terms of paths to power.
Anyway, as I continue to say if someone says they understand and have internal power go feel it. How or what you choose to do with it is your business. I've advocated those in the aiki arts use it to strengthen and make them among the most powerful arts in the world.

If you or others think they already are? Well, I go back to the advice that- I -.keep giving unrelentedly... go out and feel and test. There are those who are currently doing the later to those who are convinced of the former.
Others will continue to keep closed in their transmission and only teach to their students. It's always been that way. I remain neutral to that. I'd just encourage those who are looking for internal power and aiki to continue -where allowed- to feel and test them as well whenever they can, to discern between waza, and power.
Make no mistake. I donlt point to me and never have. I keep pointing to go test and find out about these skills from anyone who may have them. And there are hundreds of my posts here to support that statement. I'm bold enough to state that I am speaking to people who are -in the end-going to make themselves among the next generation of the most powerful traditional Martial Artist alive, maybe among the most powerful in any venue, as these skills are the single greatest advantage there is.

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