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Re: Push Test with Ueshiba

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I suppose you've read the complete article, isn't it.
Here is a quote from the article.

Deceptive teaching methods are not the responsibility of students. All students begin their practice as innocent beginners; especially younger students just beginning their own life journey. Instructors who prey on young minds with promises of magic "Ki" powers exploit this innocence. Instructors who use this method seem to be experts in their field, seem to have discovered the "essence" of Aikido through years of research and study. As I mentioned previously, "Ki" is only a part of the word Aikido, and cannot be extracted individually. Only by practicing Aikido techniques as a whole do aspects of "Ki" become absorbed into our mind and body consciousness, not the other way around.
Look at the highlighted bold items.I read this and find it to be the source of so much that is wrong. While decrying deceptive practices by "teaching experts"-it states a fallicy that KI cannot be extracted and practiced individually "outside of Aikido."
Someone go tell the Chinese. Or even other Japanese Schools that outdo Aikido with aiki.
It's not a bad article and he is of course speaking out of what he knows, but again, imagine being the guy telling him "Yes you CAN teach it in a condensed fashion outside of kata?" Imagine opening up *that can of worms.*
More anger, more denial, more debate...till he feels it and goes..."Oh!" I didn't know, that I didn't know you could do that.

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