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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Ron and Rob...not surprisingly you got my meaning exactly.

a) I agreed with Mike, I just expanded that the guy wasn't as good at "it" as he could be.
b) Further I stated things he could so to improve-not the least of which were methods that could be found here and why they were better to train than that...stuff.
c) I also agree with Mikes last post- that you will most probably find a deeper use of internal power in Chinese can find someone who has it and can find someone who knows how to teach it. One of the reason why that is not just the level of knowledge but also so skill in using it fluidly in exchange, and absolute requirement to growth.

That said I think where Mike and I may disagree is that there are deeper levels than what he has seen so far in some fella's in the Japanese arts who took their training to levels outside of the inherent weaknesses found in kata.
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