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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

In regards to Howard and Toby:
They are both stand-up guys in their teaching and representing their arts. However, like it or not, agree or not. They are restricted and very unlikely to just show everything to everyone who decides to show up. That's just the way traditional arts are.
It doesn't mean they won't teach- if you're a signed up student. Demo's are a show and ask questions sort of thing, so go and ask questions.
Since they will show some things in public- people who have felt various internal guys and some ICMA masters can go feel these guys, ask questions and make some decisions. Then, more importantly feel their students.
Both arts, Daito ryu and Shindo Yoshin ryu have internal components. Fortunately or unfortunately they will not be let out or taught except to trusted students. As Allen stated there is no compelling reason to share. But Mike is also correct-probably more than he realizes- in that some in the traditional arts, (I happen to know a few who have argued with him) really haven't a clue-they just think they do. They argue from a point of being disenfranchised from within their own arts they are defending-and they don't even know it. It's sad to watch.

As I continually say to people who have felt internal power: "Go and feel various teachers of the traditional arts and decide." Talking about it simply won't due. Their understanding is in their hands and their ability or willingness to help you may best be expressed in the hands of their students. Do it, if only to disclude them and write them off in your search.

Internal power
There is a truth behind these arts. It is a defining one. Wthin the discussions we have lost sight of the fact that it being revealed. This is GREAT NEWS.
IMO most people out there teaching shouldn't be. And the WOW factor that captured students for years is going to change as the potential students get educated about the real power behind these Asian arts. People may get somewhat discouraged about these discussions because by their nature they do disclude many fine people. In the end they will disclude by natural selection teachers who have no real understanding of the Asian arts. But the upside is what really should be our focus.
These discussion are revealing and puttig on display teachers who have real skills and a genuine understanding of the true power in the Asian arts-to whatever degree it is in their art. Highlighting these useful sources of information and men who at least have some of these skills is a POSITVE thing, that many here have benefited from. Some have come here and stated it was the defining moment in their entire martial art career. So while it is ruffling some feathers, it's also creating the most beneficial move in understanding the Asian arts arts that I have ever seen.

I know that post was sort of all over the place. I'm in a rush to go train myself and with who? Men from about eight different arts, many of whom are teachers. Ask them if they feel its positive or negative?

And all of them found out about internal training and found me through aikiweb
I think Jun should charge admission
See ya

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