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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Speaking of training, instead of the eclectic approaches you may get from Ark, Mike or me, if you are interested in a more traditional arts specific approach with power look up Toby and Howard at the Aikiweb expo.
Ask Howard to hit you.
Try and throw Toby.
Write back what you found
I don't know Toby or Howard, but I'm satisfied that Dan has some degree of jin skills from what he's written, Rob John has some degree of jin skills from what he's written, Mark Murray is working on things (from vids, etc., that he's posting), and so on. I've seen what Ushiro does and what others in the Aikido or related community have done. But the point I'd make is that if someone has something that they're contributing to the public community, for instance if they're "showing things" at seminars, I'd feel better if they'd post more on "how-to's". If they can't post to the public, then my assumption is that they're somehow "prohibited" from disclosing what they know to outsiders, so how much they would actually teach of these specific skills at a workshop comes into question.

In other words, I'd be happier if I could "get a taste" from some public discussion of simple basics rather than just a "go see" recommendation. The forums are a better clearing house, in my opinion, of what people actually understand when I can see what they can verbalize about even simple basics. If some one is willing to show "the public" outside of their koryu, etc., at a workshop, surely they can show "the public" a taste on the internet?


Mike Sigman
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