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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

It seems to me to be a matter of timing and the question....After thirty years of training and touching other martial arts the question that had been forming for sometime in my mind about this subject came to the forefront. The timing was right so I started searching around and came across Mike's name. Pulled stuff up, read old email lists, looked at video's, read what I could find and then sent Mike an email asking a few questions. He was kind enough to answer and I had enough interest to make sure I met up with him. Face to face changes the dynamic.... if you get past the handshake it is hard not to be more respectful of what is happening and what is listen. Over the internet there is no handshake. With Mike I have felt the shoulder strike and been pushed around some. Mike is what he sez he is and nice guy on top of that.

With Dan I have gone back and read what he has written in lists and forums...back some years. What I have seen with the tone of his writing is an opening up and a sharing (to some degree) of what he knows. Maybe you just have to put the pieces together yourself. It seems to me that Dan has stepped up more than he may have been willing to do a few years ago. If I didn't live on the left coast I would try to drop by and meet him.

I know William Hazen and I may take the opportunity to go done to San Diego in November when Mark Murray is planning on being in town. So I'll get to check in with him.

What I am getting at is until the question comes up in yourself, all of this is just a challenge to what you know and you will likely resist. Once you ask the question of yourself it is an opportunity to learn. It seems that you can learn a lot from just grabbing someone wrist...go grab a wrist.
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