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Re: Recreation

Hi Janet,

I agree with you completely, and that was part of the point of my article. For while I do agree with Hildegard, I think she speaks a partial truth. The other part is that we cannot live in a world without interpretation. Without guidance, without the experience of those who go before, there would be endless reinvention of wheels. Without artists and scientists and philosophers offering their interpretations to us, our own minds would become very small.

We are richer when we go exploring and discover our own originality. We enrich the whole world when we share. Being confident in our own voice allows us to be discerning when partaking of the wealth of interpretation offered by others.

If Hildegard was suspicious of an interpreted world, perhaps it was because all those who share all have an inescapable agenda. By living according to our own authentic originality, we can take whatever vision offered by others and incorporate it into the material of our own creation.

The more everyone does this, the stronger the network of community becomes. It is both the passive acceptance of a world-view that is not your own, and the outright refusal to listen to anyone that undermines healthy society.

I appreciate your comments!

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