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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Hey Robert John - you are about 3 years into this stuff right? A what point did you feel you were doing people more good than harm by showing them stuff on your own?

Well first off, I rarely show people "on my own." This past workshop was only the second one I've ever done, and frankly it gives me the jitters since I realize the distinct possibility of sending someone down an errant side road is huge.
I try to show only what I'm pretty certain is "true" from a general context, not to mention cross checking the material with Ark.

Fortunately, so far none of the stuff I've posted, (including some of the other "training for martial movement posts" ) have been wrong, even after looking back a year or two later. While there are significantly deeper aspects I've mined since then, all the basic concepts still hold true.
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