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Bruce Baker
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Nature and Aikido practice

There is no telling what nature will do to turn your world upside down?

The question is, are you prepared to accept the downside if everything should go to "hell in a handbasket."

I have seen couples who try to practice together, where one loves Aikido and the other wants to try, or where both love Aikido and they practice at different Dojo's, but with two in the same Dojo ... Maybe one couple in five actually work out. Not good odds, but that is life.

I don't mean to sound like the love advice line, but there ain't no fight'n attaction if it is real. On the other hand, I give you the same advice I give my children when they go out with their friends ... If you get into trouble, call me when they let you out of jail and I will be there to pick you up.

What does that mean?

Use good sense, accept your responsiblity, and know that your family and friends will be there is it doesn't work.

If you always use good sense, then it will be the right thing to do no matter what happens.

If it does work out ... well ... that would be exceptionally great.

Best advice is to leave all outside relationships outside of practice, or at least train as little as possible with your spouse or ...

That way there will be no competition from training.
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