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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

My gosh...

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
I have had several requests for me to go visit people and help show what do now. I would love to do that right away but:
1) I'm not yet good enough
2) I'd rather spend my time with my learning and my own dojo unless I feel the person I visit is going to be serious about perusing this stuff - so it becomes an investment where someday they can take it to places I haven't tried yet like "aiki" meets "hung gar" for instance.

There are of course several people I am close enough friends with that I'll be happy to share what I know so far with the moment I am blessed to do so and not misrepresent "the mad budo skillz" I'm learning.
This was expressed poorly. Sorry for any potential confusion. So:
I stand fully behind what I wrote for #1 - I'm not good enough yet

But #2 should be more like - WHEN I AM GOOD ENOUGH (not expert but much more connected and able to use the skills so I don't screw anyone up more than help them) I still would rather concentrate on my training and my own students (who only do the solo exercises along side of me currently before normal aikido class). However, once I am at that level, I'll be willing to go out and visit some people who I know are very serious that would be worth the investment of me NOT going to train myself. People who I know understand shugyo, and hopefully people who do other interesting things that would be interesting to learn what they are like when powered by this kind of aiki skill set.

Hope that clears up any confusion.

So Dan or Mike, what "level" of this skill set do you think it good enough before it is shared with the uninitiated? I was thinking once I could do a series of those super punches (you tell me what to call them). But maybe that is not yet good enough either. I still don't know enough to even evaluate what the level should be myself. We can talk off line too. It's just that this is the "in what manner" thread...

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