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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Just a word of caution.
Everyone needs to remain self-aware. Rob openly states he doesn't have it yet. That's good. But in balance after 18 years training it- I don't think I "have it" yet either. And what about other methods? So, I hope everyone is self-effacing of where they may be at, and don't start to think they have it-when they clearly don't. We've already seen it with some posters here-who go on and on about something they obviously haven't a clue about.
We don't want folks who might accidentally think they understand more than they do and cause more harm than good. Mike's cautions were sound and good advice. It's a balance you have to reach between when you want to share and when you actually are able share. Add to that, just who you should be sharing with in the first place.
Think of it this way.
What is it going to gain any of us, if more hall-ass MAers start showing skills they barely know to other MAer's (who may already be doubting, or who are searching fro answers) who may go..."Bleck!..Thats nothing worth learning!" And in so doing you actually screw that person out of a great training tool they both wanted and needed but will now pass-up. You weren't intentionally misleading them, but screwed them none-the-less by misrepresentation. All due to your lousy skills in showing it.
All that does is bring us right back to more hobbyists MAers ruining the reputation of what was once good Martial arts all due to our ego's. No, I'm not meaning a "Hey look at what I can do" ego, but rather a "Here let me teach you. I know this cool stuff" type ego. How aweful would it be to find out -you- were the one to screw someone over by misleading them in their training?

We need to be careful about rushing around with barely learned skills-not the least of which might be a lack of an intuitive and experienced ability to teach it, while eagerly willing to show it to all and sundry. We've all seen enough of that with hundreds of teachers out there who have no business teaching. None.

I'm hoping for more introspection and hard work types over the- I can't wait to break out and teach types. to really latch on to this training, and lead the way.

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