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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

I'm good with phildo.

I have a friend named Don who teachs "sho shi ryu" that trains aiki with me now. I joked with him that we soon call his art "sho shin rob" and I'll call my art "aiki don". But I digress..

I have had several requests for me to go visit people and help show what do now. I would love to do that right away but:
1) I'm not yet good enough
2) I'd rather spend my time with my learning and my own dojo unless I feel the person I visit is going to be serious about perusing this stuff - so it becomes an investment where someday they can take it to places I haven't tried yet like "aiki" meets "hung gar" for instance.

There are of course several people I am close enough friends with that I'll be happy to share what I know so far with the moment I am blessed to do so and not misrepresent "the mad budo skillz" I'm learning.

I'm certainly open to suggestions on this point of "in what manner"...

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