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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post

I've been thinking we should call it "Sho shin rob"

If we come up with another name, maybe we can change the name of the "non-aikido" section?

However, "the way of aiki" fits so well. I was hoping to popularize what I'm doing now to the point that people not doing it wouldn't want to have seminars or open schools using the name "aikido" for fear of someone with aiki skills showing up.

I was going to put in my vote for phido, failing that then aikidoki, and lastly aikidunotdo. Those names just roll right off the tongues.

Don't know what Dan teaches as basic, but the basic stuffs that I learned from Mike could easily incorporate into aikido and by the time a person got all the stuffs sorted out, he/she/it will be shodan or somewhere close. he/she/it can do waza with noticeable aiki (i hope, maybe, possibly).

As far as folks with aiki skills show up, we have two solutions 1) open a can of aiki-whup-ass on them or 2) invite them to sushi and beer. Take for example, the last time Howard came to our dojo, he opened a can of aiki-whup-ass on us, so we invited him out for sushi and beer. harmony restored. nobody got hurt, except for a bunch of fishes, but hey they were in a better place.
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