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Allen Beebe
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10


Good question. The name that popped instantly into my mind that all persons might disavow themselves of is Tohei sensei. He might not be everyone's first thought as a weapons guy . . . but he did teach weapons and he did have high authority in the Hombu dojo and he did become an "unmentionable."

He also trained at a dojo that taught Muto Ryu (descendant of Itto Ryu) although I can't recall if he trained in Muto ryu along with the Misogi stuff . . . ?

Just talking off the top of my head.

(That wouldn't explain where the Itto (if any) that exists in Shirata sensei's ken came from though. I don't know that there is a Shirata/Tohei connection at all.

Like I said . . . just brain dumping,

~ Allen Beebe
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