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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Okay. I got the message.

So in this thread, how about to actually discuss "in what manner" which is what I would like to focus on discussing - anyone who is not obviously initiated to the skill set is more than welcome to PM me and expect replies. However, I will do my best to refrain from continuing to discuss the differences in this "non-aikido" forum. There is enough for people to search through anyway.

So back to "in what manner"?

I posted a lot of valuable personal gains I got from my path of aikido before I started learning internal power so directly.

I would like to make those valuable experiences available to my students in what I teach going into the future. Preserving the "waza" until shodan or something can do that to some degree but then we are back into the having to unlearn physical habits model.

How can I make such valuable things available teaching aiki directly? Suggestions?

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