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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

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I've been thinking we should call it "Sho shin rob"

If we come up with another name, maybe we can change the name of the "non-aikido" section?

However, "the way of aiki" fits so well. I was hoping to popularize what I'm doing now to the point that people not doing it wouldn't want to have seminars or open schools using the name "aikido" for fear of someone with aiki skills showing up.

Well I think is just fine, I meant to infer that the brand new art emerging was going to be hopefully coming on strong as a powerful art against all manner of doubts these days in a brand new way
And while you are rigthfully concentrating on *you and your students*, I was thinking of everyone who is embracing this training with Mike, Ark, Ueshiro, Ikeda, etc.
As I say, I think Aikido™ as practiced as will be seeing a resurgence that will remove all doubt in any quarter as to its power.
As for *that guy* showing up with aiki skills to shut everyone up? That will always be rare, but I hope it will start to include guys showing up in DR dojos,the local MMA clubs and with ICMA students and teachers. Trust me, it can happen

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