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Amir Krause
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Re: Correlation of Aikido and Daito-Ryu Waza

John Driscoll wrote: View Post

In developing the correspondence between the Aikido techniques and those of Daito-ryu, I first identified the characteristics of the Aikido technique.

For example, ...

I hope the preceding answers your question. Regards, JED.
Most interesting. Thanks for the detailed answer.

I have an additional question. Have you got any idea if many other Japanese Ju-Jutsu styles are as similar, or are significantly less similar? (in this regard, the notion of correlation is very useful, when correlating signals, one often compares the correlation to a desired signal to the correlation to other signals).

Personally, I train Korindo Aikido, which, according to Hirai Sensei (the founder), is a separate M.A. based on his learning. However, since Hirai Sensei called his M.A. Aikido, and had spent several years in the vicinity of Ueshiba Sensei. Many people insist Korindo Aikido is a branch of the Ueshiba Aikido.

Technically wise. Korindo Aikido has some special movements which are based on Hirai innovation, and which change the specifics of many techniques. Still, I have seen almost all of the techniques we use in Aikikai Aikido (often with some variation). Then again, I have seen similar techniques in many other M.A. including Modern Ju-Jutsu styles, in some of the few Kung-Fu styles I have seen, and most importantly, in the single practice I was lucky to get in Takenouchi Ryu Ju-Jutsu, which Hirai Sensei studied as a child and started teaching before he found his own way.

Thus, my own interest in this way of comparing.

I should also warn that at-least here, we consider Korindo Aikido to be eclectic, and have knowingly adopted techniques we found to follow the "spirit of the art". If Ueshiba had a similar grasp of things, and given his level of talent, he could have added lots of things from many other M.A.

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