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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
You have said you have no interest in going to Las Vegas but there is a nice dojo there that could be rented for a great seminar. If you ever change your mind I would love to be a part of making that happen. Perhaps now that your business is slow you might be willing to do more seminars?
Dan doing seminar in Las Vegas? such a chancy proposition; however if you play your cards right, you might be able to get him to show his hands.

Rob L., I was going to skip the whole Dan rank stuffs and looping around to the kyu. Oh wait! I am in kyu. Nevermind!

Eric, I did manual labor stuffs in Asia as well as in the States. not the same. However, we, farm boys, tend to be stronger than we look. It's the manure ki that powered our stuffs.

I attended a number of seminar with Ikeda sensei. big fan of his. bought lots of stuffs from bujin (methink, he got my credit card number memorized). his explanation of what he's doing bounced around in my head (lots of empty spaces) but wouldn't stick. Spent a weekend with Mike (missed Ark because of other commitment) and his explanations somehow made lots of sense, especially, when he shown it. light bulbs when off in my head the whole time. got the shoulder bump thingy a couple of times. he was being gentle (thanks Mike). What Mike shown was some very very basic stuffs, but it jumped start me a couple of years (at least from my point of view, others might say that I was an idiot). I now understand what Ikeda sensei meant when he said "change your inside" (methink) and could do some simple stuffs, like picking bottle from below with your hands on top or where i source my power. I went back and read through the stuffs that Rob John wrote and it made a lot more sense now than before. This stuffs aren't happen overnight. it will take constant and heavy personal commitment to make it work. don't have problem with that. we, farm boys, know about hard work and perseverance.

the previous masters, they didn't have the distraction of modern life; bet most of them don't even know how to cook or change diaper or building your fort out of furniture because your kids waging nerf war on you different times and places, different expectations.

on the non serious note, I was hoping to boost my aiki by going high tech using this ki supercharger hopefully, the alligator clips don't chaff my skin. If this work, then I am going to challenge all of you internal masters for a duel at the local dimsum.
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