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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Hi Peter
I have the utmost respect for Mr. Gleason. I was -very- impressed with his demeanor and his devastatingly honest assessment of himself and aikido in general in what he saw and felt. It is always remarkable to listen to men of such experience once they felt you to and had the materials presented elucidate on its relevance to their art.
I hold it in context of my experiences with those of equal time-in, in other art who have said the same things to me and more importantly to the others beside myself who are teaching this openly as a separate body of knowledge
I think the art of aikido should be honored to have a guy like Bill Gleason representing the art.
I could not say the same of some of the Japanese Shihan you guys sent over here and I have had the dubious honor of "meeting."
Were I interested in doing Aikido or asked where to go in New England I know who I would recommend.

It is yet another step, in the right direction for Aikido. We'll have to see what becomes of it. It was Bill who after feeling me and seeing me move who observed "This would wreak havoc on Aikido practice as we know it."
I couldn't agree more. I can't do aikido. Not that I don't know how, but that were my body to express and move in such big movements people would get hurt. Moreover, I can't be thrown with aikido technique. So it's going to be up to those in aikido to try and figure out how to introduce aiki into aikido to make something of it. In the end I think the art will no longer function or look the way it does now. In the hands of men with aiki- it will be both devastatingly effective and different.

I am pleased to hear you went to see and train with Ark. From what I hear my approach is different-softer in its approach, hopefully I will get there soon. This economy is killing my business, so we'll see.
The fact that you are pursuing this speaks volumes to me-of you, Peter. In a time where so many are lamenting the decline of the arts, I think ancient skill of internal power / aiki is about to make a comeback and take over the arts again. Not in the sense that everyone will get it. But that those with it are going to be looked at and regarded in a whole new light.

The internet
I think it is well worth considering the trouble allot of this causes Jun. Jun had been kind enough to share some of his frustrations with the manner in which this topic is discussed. Therefore, I can't be neutral about it as I really feel for what Jun is trying to offer to his readers. He has asked me to try and extend some extra effort. You may be surprised to learn I have privately asked him to help help him, where ever I can, in that regard.
That said, I am left to examine all sides as best and try to constrain myself in a lengthy debate when I know...all along, we are the ones who are not only right, about this topic, but in many respects we hold the knowledge this or that person kicking at us has been looking for all along!
So from the outside it may look one way to you / from my side sitting here and meeting, testing, and then listening to your adepts words after feeling it, then coming back here to read yet another guy thinking he gets it, and starts analyzing it- just starts to become so absurd, so ludicrous, and to be doing so in the Non- aikido related forum, that I just throw up my hands, or worse, get frustrated and fail in my response.

So, do I consider my input equal? No, quite frankly no, I don't. All I can say is, I get very frustrated, as I try to manage to live up to my promised efforts for Jun and Aikiweb.

If we review...I think some things become clear. The recent revelation of this training is causing problems all over the internet. On empty flower, E-budo, and here at Aikiweb. Moderators are having trouble with how to deal with some very ticked off senior MAers from all walks, who are sometimes friends of theirs and long time supporters with their own student base now being told they missed it. It's tough going. More and more people from the ICMA are meeting people from DR and Aikido, and they are finally...starting to get it. That there was, after all, a common bond that gave these Asian arts the magic we were all looking for. The smart guys are going after it.
Sadly there is no shortage of those who are waiting in line for their teacher to reveal it to them after the second scroll of knowledge is unrolled. I'm not really concerned with them as that personality type is not someone I'd be willing to show this to. This requires innovative more self-aware and critical thinking people.

So, here we sit, teaching some your teacherst, what they now call -the heart of aiki- and discussing it in the Non-Aikido forum.
For what reason?

The arguments
So, think of this. We were sent down here because of what we couldn't say up there in the aikido forums. Now we have stalkers coming down here to chastise and now we are not allowed to tell him -here-that he doesn't get this material? I really don't think telling someone they don't know the material under discussion is untoward or rude. This isn't the public school system where everyone passes. If you don't get just don't get it.
In light of your comments and so many others I can't even keep track, it should be obvious that most still don't know the material. So having a pretender come to try and take part and being allowed to get away with it to fool others?
That is rude.

So here we have a conundrum.
This training is the very heart of Aikido. I really could care less that so many- tens of thousands-, have missed it and are fighting to retain their own corner of ignorance against the growing tide,
It is being judged vetted and adopted by so many its getting to be absurd, completely ludicrous to see it discussed here in this forum. In fact this forum should be names How to train for Aiki, the heart of Aikido and placed at the top of all things.
All other forums relegated to adjunct training in non- related waza.
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