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Re: Aikido and cross-training

Thanks for the thoughtful replies and comments.

As such, my question is more an intellectual exercise more than anything at this time. I've been training for less than a year, and just passed my first test a couple months ago, so I don't have the time or the skills to try something else with any sort of commitment.

But there are times that my dojo will do some grappling, or I'll have a chance to pick up a yoga class or two, or try to train endurance-wise for a 5K, where it comes into play.

To Mary: me and my Mister were hoping to get around the mat-time vs quality time issue by training together. But we're still working that out. He's extremely busy 9 months of the year (teacher) and can't put in the time to train as often as I can.

I appreciate all the perspectives.
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