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Re: speed: good question from kohai

OODA loop is really where the answer is at. Speed is realitive to that. Speed is good when and where speed matters. Speed comes at a price/cost though.

Speed should be used to get us back ahead of the loop, but once there we need to balance things out so we stay ahead, but we use economy as well.

When we go fast, the propensity of making mistakes goes up, and efficiency. That is, we use more energy.

For most of us, we must practice in several ranges of speed. Very slow where we work on instilling the proper proprioceptions and muscle memory, medium speed, where we learn to move a little more quickly with those same proprioceptions and memories, and finally quickly and uncooperative with as close to natural responses and resistance as possible to ensure that we understand the dynamics of "reality".

As mentioned slow is smooth...smooth is fast.

We go slow at first to learn to do it smooth. As we get "smooth" down we can operate faster and faster.

With experience, we can operate "fast enough' to stay ahead of our opponents OODA loop and then we are effecting the situation vice having him affect it on you.

The problem I see in much training is that we many times we don't ever operate in the "alive" environment to "point of failure". We practice somewhere in the "middle zone".

Thus, when we are confronted with someone who is getting inside of our OODA loop, we panic and attempt to go faster to get inside his. If he is better, he stays slightly ahead in the process until we either "gas out", mentally quit, or make mistakes that cause the situation to be resolved in his favor.

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