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Re: Aikido and cross-training

It depends on your goals and persepctive Salim gives some good advice.

I view aikido not as a separate and distinct thing, but as a methodology to achieve an endstate, which is "aligned" with the "aiki-do" methodology of training, but is not necessarily "owned" by that methdology.

As such, it allows me to explore and not be defined or constrained by someones definitions of "what is" and "what isn't".

So, based on that, I don't see it so much as "cross training"...but simply "training" or better yet "BUDO".

Many of us have found that there are exercises and practices that are maybe not done or concentrated on in our dojos. This may be for a multitude of reasons. One which is the element of time.

So, IMO, in order to get better, it requires you to put in time outside of the dojo.

IT could be doing supplemental stuff that your sensei gives you, yoga, aunkai, uechi ruy karate, or whatever else you do that helps you better understand things.

Most though I think, especially in the beginning have enough to do just doing the basics that their sensei give them to do.

You can be a mile wide and have no depth as well so you have to consider that too.

Mastery is a tough thing that requires alot of soul searching and individual effort as well as good teachers to mentor you.

Good luck in your journey.

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