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Re: Aikido and cross-training

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The other thread about the evolution of Aikido has gotten me thinking more about Aikido and cross-training. I figured it was a different enough subject to warrant its own thread.

What are the general thoughts about doing other martial arts, or conditioning, as supplements to aikido? Not necesarily to replace it, or to evolve the practice, but as complimentary cross-training? Are there arts that are better fits to Aikido, and others that clash?

I've got some thoughts on this as well, but I wanted to pose the question and generate some discussion first before posting them.
Cross training is always useful and I would say, never let anyone discouraged you from exploring the realm of finding out who you are. Especially if your aim is to learn how to use your mind and body in ways that you have never imagined. If one of your goals is to learn how to manipulate any given situation to best of your ability, then cross training will only enhance and elevate your growth substantially.

I love to cross train and participate in cross training every chance I get. Keep your mind open and your options unlimited, surely it's more healthy and more productivity to have a diversified array of self help abilities. Your mind and body should have no limits, no barriers, no constraints, just find who you are is the key. It will make you self defense abilities much more sound.

Here's a fantastic video to view, showing the abilities of cross training. I hope you enjoy.

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