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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10

O Sensei wrote:
... you see more in my 'preference for Hofstede' than I do, in particular with respect to Jungian sociological typology. In any case, the record of the 43 deities was provided by Kisshomaru (it is on p. 268 of the new translation of Kissomaru's biography), not by O Sensei himself in the texts I have quoted. So, why don't you yourself research the 'archetypal significance and functional associations' of the 43 kami? It will make a very good column.
You introduced me to Hofstede, but my interest in Jung and psychological typology long predated it as a tool for making close discrimination between people's ways of thinking and doing (a personal as well as a professional interest). It was very interesting to learn of Hofstede's related approach to similar concepts at the sociological level. From what you relate, Kisshomaru gave the scroll from his father a good deal of weight as a very personaI, primary disclosure, and he invites our interpretation of its mythological significance in modern terms. I guess I was suggesting someone might have already done this, and perhaps it could be related or a source noted. If not, I may take you up on that.


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