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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

I cannot encourage you and all the guys in the area enough to go visit the Daito ryu guys in Baltimore and train with them. Just like I recommended training with Kiyama, Goldberg, Okomoto and Howard.
I'd encourage Jim S, dojo to call them up and have them come to the dojo and do a demo or go to them.
Ask them to demonstrate aiki. Those that can, come back and write about your experiences, and comparisons with Mike, Ark, Rob, Me, Howard, and now Toby with Dsito ryu's mainline group in Baltimore.

It's never enough to read about people. Go visit and test. Ask them to demonstrate aik or internal power and the things discussed here. Aikiweb has been pivitol in that an ever growing populace have gone to train with a wide diversity of Aikido and Daito ryu top teachers who claim to teach *aiki* that master class skills that so many are pusuing. Now ther search is including Koryu teachers.
Having been given a venue to discuss and compare, much information has now been passed around to either vet or write-off people who either have no power, or do but can't or won't teach it, particulalry those who think they do and clearly don't.

I would futher encourage that where you can go test the Master level teachers of the local teachers. Go feel them and what they purport to be able to do.
As it was in the old days, men vetted teachers and their methods, in private discussions and then in the early magazine days.There were some truly colorful guys who got tested by some of our early legends in the art and then wrote about. Other stories remained couched in various versions-such a Wang chu shins famous visit to Draegers house, and all the reultant hubbub with Chiba etc. Informed people are the best people to talk with.

For the guys who have met and tested some substantial teachers from all walks who say they know "aiki" I encourage them to go and feel "aiki' from one branch of an art defined by that very name. One that is a direct link to Takeda through his own son. Then share how that experience compared with the version of aikido that came through Ueshiba's son.
I think we have all benefited from the dozens of twenty to forty year *aiki* budo men who have gotten out to train and test to find aiki power where and in whom it may reside.
It's the budo thing to do.
It's a long way from those early word of mouth days, but the method still hold true.

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