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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10

Josh, I think the trouble we are having is you are looking at individual kata i.e. three kata named sho, chiku and bai.

That doesn't match my experience. Don't know what those kata would be, don't know any named as such and have a bunch more than three kata in our ken so it just does not compute. I don't know how to respond to or discuss that idea.

I am looking at an entire adjunct sword system named Sho Chiku Bai Kenpo and wondering why Ueshiba (and Shirata and Hikitsuchi) called their entire ken curriculum (not kata) SCB.

I like the idea of SCB=3in1=TriCirSqare but I can't limit it to just 3 individual kata. I don't see that.

It is a bit like the quote Peter put up from Traditional Aikido Vol. 5.
The Japanese is: 剣には「松竹梅の剣法」がある。
The translation is: Ken has three characters called "sho" (pine), "chiku" (bamboo) and "bai" (plum).

I know just enough Japanese to get into trouble, but I think that it could just as easily be read as: As for the Ken there is "Shochikubai Kenpo". or Our sword style is called Shochikubai Kenpo.

Anyway, that is my big take away. Ueshiba called his ken Sho Chiku Bai Kenpo and his taijutsu Takemusu Aiki. What those terms mean is something to ponder and let grow over time.

-Doug Walker
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