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Dan Hover
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I agree with Colleen, that newer ranks are far more observant than most people think, they still have beginner's mind which in some cases keys them into which sempai are empty cup and which are empty shell, the sad thing is even in a lot of TKD and AKD(get your axes ready to grind) there is a lack of consistency of minimum standards, in regards to testing. Although the color of your belt really doesn't matter in the big picture, their should be some common sense when you are having some one teach by the mere criteria that they have achieved Shodan, this does not make them any more qualified to teach than anyone else in the room. The beginner can sense who is full of knowledge and who is full of themselves. Usually empty shells end up quitting either at Shodan or shortly thereafter, thinking that the belt was the goal, not the beginning.

Dan Hover
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