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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

I'm not looking to pick on your Erick. I just see two concepts you _seem_ to be hung up on from what I would consider you misreading/misinterpreting Sagawa's words.

I mean to confront without being rude. I'm not sure I can achieve it this time, but please consider I'd had good intentions.

First, MY understanding of Sagawa talking about decades of training - is that once you have a well trained body for budo -which is way beyond what most people in the world have - and which you can develop in about 5 years- you need to put decades of work to take it to level he took it or beyond. That doesn't mean to me that it takes decades of training to get beyond the best of the rest. Tom Holz for instance doesn't have decades of training. He has like 2 years of aiki training There are plenty of other examples, He is just the most obvious one. It's almost hyperbolic.

Second, Sagawa talking about "thinking" would never result in my THINKING THAT the words or advice from someone who does not claim to be able to do it or teach it should be considered to the same degree as the words and advice of someone I know can do it and is teaching it.

For instance,I can see a torsion tube model here and there in my current training. I just cannot see how that is at all helpful in any way shape or form. It's just an aside. Knowing that does help develop the skills in self nor in students.

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