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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You are not quallified to make these comments. ... Ask questions stop making statements or giving advice about things you know nothing about.
I made an on topic point that the history revelas and you are shouting people down again. Which is entertaining -- in the sense that one is pleased to see that Gilligan goofs it again in every episode -- but it isn't Twelfth Night, is it?

I am not here claiming anyone's qualification -- I claim observation, description and reason. But, if it's questions about qualifications you want -- where's your menkyo ? Who granted it ?
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I have taught hundreds of students, ... absolute putzes .. .some very talented ones. ... no prior training, with decades ... MMA, ... Judo, ... aikido ICMA [of] grandmaster level teachers.
They all seem to pretty much be on the same track.
Marvelous. Doesn't really address the specific point I made.

Pace Rob -- Scale doesn't matter here. I am merely looking and saying what I see in terms of physical systems. Everything is on a spectrum and the principle is the thing. Tenryu and Sagawa are the cases in point.

I pointed out that the order or form of development is historically shown to be variable, and the order in which physical training and accomplishments were obtained is demonstrated to begin with concept and decades of training (e.g. -- Sagawa) or to begin with decades of training and then a realization of concept (Tenryu).

None of that remotely depends on anyone's qualifications, other than the ability to read and reason. SO, I have to take the swipe as rather gratuitous -- which they always are of course.


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