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Re: The "real" techniques not taught to everyone?

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So if we're not learning "secret" techniques or not even going to learn them what secret do you think ueshiba took with him to his grave than ?
Questions like that are best left rhetorical. In the end, does going around to people practicing diligently in their art already and saying the following do any good - "You don't know what the 'real' aiki is and will never learn it from there"? It basically either serves to piss people off, or cause total despondency while people run around like decapitated chickens searching for 'real' 'aiki'.

I'm not even sure it's productive at all to call a skill set 'aiki', let alone to call it the 'real' 'aiki'. It accomplishes hard feelings, but doesn't help anyone out. Better to call it what it is, a method of improving martial ability, and pitch the method by discussing it on its own merits - not just claims of what people who might know it can do - rather than worrying about which dead luminaries were practicing what and not passing what on. If people see value in what is presented then, then if what they are doing is inadequate, I'm sure they'd be willing to adapt or move on.

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